Tuesday, November 11, 2008

after exams...

wow... my blog's been dead for so long... anyhow, i'm finally free for 4 months and i shall update this blog soon while i wait for those photos to be up in FB by those who brought cameras =) so stay tuned for updates for my melaka trip and all those tags that had been on my pending list for SO SO long =P

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


ummm... just to clarify some stuffs after hearing this from one friend, i know we got a little crazy and went overboard consuming large amounts of alcohol, but we just only do this once a blue moon, so i hope we don't get negative thoughts from those who think we're heavy drinkers and misbehave ourselves once we get all high... i know we can't deny the fact that we were being naughty and used lots of vulgar words during the drinking process, but hope those who find it offensive forgive us for being naive and wanting to have some fun (although we know it's not something healthy). so yea, that's all i have to say and wish that the negative thoughts on us would be reduced... thank you

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

drink again :D

although i think it's a little too late to blog about this, i still think i got to show everyone who visits my blog how you'll look like when you puke after over-drinking XD

let's get it started then.

it was a night before merdeka day, and all of us drinking pals got together at my house(again) to have a final drinking session before pg leave for UK. and we got peter to join us while asking him to get us this 9% alcohol content cheap beer lol...

started off with carlsberg and tiger beer and pg thought it was just too dull for us just to have beer and nothing hard, so he got home to get his mandarin orange taste vodka o.O

pic 1: carlsberg, tiger, and bavaria (the whole new 9% alcohol that cost less and have around the same volume as the big bottles that i just got to know from peter XD)pic 2: vodka supplied by pg

got bored just drinking and started watching football.

pg got really bored cuz he doesn't understand any shit about football, so he got everyone of us to drink down the mixture of pic 1 + pic 2 in one shot... after that shot, we got sohai-ed really really fast and felt the alcohol effects kicking in hard.

pg video-ing the bunch of us getting all sohai after pic 1 + pic 2

pg found this set of chinese chess near my TV and started challenging ziyan and peter. taking advantage of the other 2 fella's after-some-alcohol-effects, he took them out with ease.

ziyan acting sohai while playing chinese chess with pg

don't understand why j wong KO-ed so fast =.=' must be cuz of the vodka and beer mix...

tried gangbang-ing j wong while he was asleep but failed =.='

peter who intro-ed some of us to bavaria =D

in this clip, pg shows how he tfk with the bottle of beer and peter showed us how to open a beer bottle without using a bottle-cap opener.

after a while, peter went home while the j wong and ziyan KO-ed. only pg and I was still fine...

that's ziyan getting all fucked up... he puked while making his way from the sofa to the toilet... and i wouldn't have noticed that if pg hasn't spotted those puke... it was pretty fucked up for me to clean his puke while in a very dizzy condition cuz while they were KO-ed, i was drinking one whole bottle of tiger beer while playing dota =.=' pg was watching tv though...

and behold!!! the few scenes pg took to show how fucked up ziyan became XD he was quite reluctant to let pg film this but soon i think he was kinda blur and was unaware that pg actually was filming him vomiting LOL... the next day we told him we got his vomiting clips, he was like 'huh?? when you all take it?? don't put it on your blog zs!!' hahahahaah who cares man!! i'm here to show everyone funny things so feel lucky that i'm not posting this up on youtube where everyone in the world can watch *evil laugh*

there's the puking haha

after all these vomiting, he finally stopped and slept like a pig. both ziyan and j wong was sleeping while me and pg didn't sleep at all. around 6+ am, j wong woke up and we decided to head for a mamak to have our stomach filled. ziyan was so wasted he didn't even noticed we went out for breakfast even though we told him we're going out for breakfast and asked him to come along!!

so, that pretty much summed up the last drinking session we had with pg around. he's off to UK to further his studies an it'll never be the same without him around for drinking cuz i guess he's the only one who can drink together with me without getting wasted so fast or vomit after drinking too much haha. wish he has a great time in UK and we'll drink again when he's back wooooot!!!

P/S: ziyan's so gonna ask me to remove those clips of him vomiting again lol..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

nightmare and concerns and the 2 months

damn bloody reports... monash is just trying to ruin my social life with those reports... and the problem is, those reports are insanely difficult to deal with... sometimes i wonder why do they have to mess up my life...

and because i'm a person who worries so much about everything, i tend to screw up my life and my thoughts... it's just my weakness i guess...

happy 2 months :) love you always

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

serious shit...

it was just an ordinary morning.... waking up, then feeling lazy and wanting to sleep longer on the bed, but just couldn't do so anymore and finally woke up.

as it was almost time to leave the house for uni, i did the usual thing that i've been doing for so many mornings and wear my contact lens.

and here comes the serious shit...

i put the lens into my right eye, OK.
i put the lens into my left eye, not very OK cause got air bubbles.
so, i tried adjusting it, rolling my eyes a little bit so that it would somehow move and the bubble would escape. BUT... i didn't really happen, so i blinked my left eye as it was getting a bit uncomfortable. after that, i felt like it wasn't there anymore!! so i went searching for it on the floor and couldn't find it. tried rolling my left eye up and down, and i see nothing. used my fingers to try feel the lens, nothing again!!! i was thinking, 'fuck, i'm fucked up now if it gets stuck at the back of eye.'

my mum came back, thought i dropped it and jokingly said i didn't search for it properly. but somehow, the panicked me made her change her mind and she helped me look for it. after sweeping the floor, there's just no lens found!! fuck man, i'm fucked up liao, if it gets stuck in there for too long, i might have to go for an operation to take it out...

tried calling my optometrist but no one picked up the phone cause it was still around 9.50 am and they only open at 10 am. panicked like fuck only la....

after my mum's convinced that we can't find it on the floor, i went to the optometrist and she wasn't there =.=' but luckily her very skilled assistant was there and she helped me out. looked around my eye and put some solution into my eye and then she said it wasn't in there... THEN WHERE COULD IT HAVE BEEN?!?!!

shit man... although i felt a little bit relieved after she told me that the lens wasn't in my eye, i was still rather concerned about it going to the back of my eye. i mean, she wouldn't be able to know if it really went to the back of my eye right?? unless she got X-ray eyes like superman la =.='

but fuck it la, i'll just fool myself that the lens wasn't in there anymore for the moment... if it reappears after few days or weeks or months or even years, i hope it didn't cause any problem to my eye while it was still inside there. otherwise, i'd be fucked up la...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

drink it up!! =D

note: a goodbye to Patrick who has left for Singapore. hope you do well over there =)

alright, let's get this started, shall we??

mission of the night: get Justin Wong (J wong) drunk and capture the video of his crazy acts XD

got ourselves a bottle of 'Malibu' (which Peng Gee said i've been conned for its price :S), a bottle of beer and orange juice(courtesy of Zi Yan). with the materials required for the night ready, we began the mission "impossible".

to begin with, we played 'chor dai di' with the winner being able to choose the drinker which would need to finish off at least half a cup the liquor. and since the mission was to get J wong drunk, it was a 3 vs 1 game =P

but after a few rounds, to be fair to J wong, we decided to play alternate rounds of 'winner choose drinker' and 'loser drink'. although out of most of the rounds, J wong had to drink lol

after getting bored of 'chor dai di', Gee suggested that we play differently to choose the drinker for a messed up drink.

1st round: the person with the lowest value(2 being the smallest and A being the largest) drinks this messed up drink:

a mixture of malibu, ribena, orange juice, beer, and yogurt

the process LOL

2nd round: the process will be explained by Gee as below

and then, the process of the game and the results =D

justin threatens to show his middle finger but failed to do so XD

the after effects of alcohol on everyone =D and we finally got justin his cup noodle we promised haha. the rest of the guys acting idiotic and i was quite idiotic myself even though i was the cameraman LOL

sorry for the angle 'cos Gee held the camera vertically zzz nevertheless, we still got J wong's drunk movements lol. he said he won't say anything funny but for some unknown reasons (probably 'cos he was a little bit drunk), he moved his hands and legs as shown in the video haha

and seriously, this video is HILARIOUS!! HAHAHAHA!! again i apologise for the way Yobi took the video. but we still get to see the funny part of J wong LOL

and this is J wong trying to clarify that he's not drunk hahaha

yet another act from the drunk J wong which came out of no where haha

well, that's all the videos i had. but i still have pics =D

ziyan sleeping after drinking. notice the armpit hair LOL

that's Gee sleeping. he was saying he was very very tired and stuffs. sleeping like a pig here...

but after some time, Gee left saying he wanted to sleep all the way till morning/afternoon and walked back to his house on his own :S luckily no strangers raped him or something haha

and after Gee left and ziyan sleeping, the rest of us fed ourselves with wedges. before the wedges were cooked, the 3 of us(J wong, yobi and I) were playing 'chor dai di' again to decide who gets to eat more wedges... but it seems like the person with the most win (yobi) actually ate the least...

J wong handling the last piece of wedges while i clean up the table. seems like the effects of alcohol had all disappeared. and ziyan is still sleeping =P

after finishing the wedges, they woke ziyan up so that all of them could leave. the funny part is, ziyan complained about not waking him up to eat when we already made several attempts to wake that fella up to see him sleep back again lol.

well, that's practically all there is to the night of the 5 of us guys gaying haha. make sure you actually load and watch those videos. they took me a whole day to upload with a stupid connection. so i hope you enjoy those videos =D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

and it starts all over again

holidays are gone, and it's back to nerding =( although i had to be happy with the results i had. thank You, Lord =D

and it seems like i've been a lazy bum for not updating as frequently as i would in the past haha. too lazy la....

anyway, the pic that i've been promising is here. finally hor?? lol thanks to jie for the pressure =.='

ok. that's the best pic i've got from the purikura machine. wonder why isn't she looking at the correct cam =.=' anyway to those who doesn't know her name, she's szee nee. good enough now?? don't complain that i didn't mention anything about her lor. very give face liao lor XD

over and out